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PYW pt. 3–"Who Cares More?"

by Kendall

“Before”Our house on James Island has a bayview window in the eating area of the kitchen and a window in the living room.  Each of these provide a nice view into the backyard.  However, one would never know this due to the condition of the az…

PYW pt 2: "I Think I Mis-Under-Estimated This Project"

by Kendall

I arrived at our house on James Island a little after 10:00am.  I really thought that I would be able to complete the entire yard cleaning in a day; after all, lots on James Island tend to be small, in fact, ours is only about 3/10 of an acre. &nb…

The Parable of Yard Work, pt. 1

by Kendall

Jesus Still Teaches in ParablesWe still have our house on James Island.  The real estate bust of 2008 hit us square in the teeth, and although we attempted to sell this house when we moved to Anderson, SC, we could not find a willing buyer.  …