Game Time

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“The Game Ain’t Over!”


One of our enemy’s greatest strategies is to convince us that we have blown it so badly that there is no way for us to fix it.  When this happens, many just throw in the towel and settle for defeat.  In this message we will look at three crucial steps that all of us can […]

“Is Your Uniform Dirty?”


At the end of a football game, there are two kinds of players on either team: those with clean uniforms and those whose uniforms are dirty. It’s the difference between those who actually played the game, and those who watched. Life is much the same way. Many people merely watch life go by, but to […]

“Penalties Can Cost You”


If you’re a football fan, you know that in a game between two evenly-matched opponents, the difference between winning and losing can boil down to penalties.  Life is the same way.  In this message we explore four penalties that can set us back and keep us from experiencing victory in life.

“Get on the Team!”


Who does God want on His team?  Are you good enough to make His team?  In this message, we take what is probably the most popular statement Jesus ever made, and learn that God not only wants every one of us on His team, but He has provided the way to get us on His […]