Sunday - 10AM Worship Service |


1610 Pearman Dairy Road,
Anderson, SC SC



Real people... real life... real faith

What if this Sunday is the day everything changes for you?  What if this Sunday you finally found what you've been searching for?

We're a group of real people with real lives, which means we've all experienced our share of bumps and bruises.  Through it all, we've discovered a real faith.

 Many of us have tried "pretend" church where everyone acts like they've got it together when we all know better.  We've also tried "showtime" church where the performance may be slick, but we have left church just as empty on the inside as we were when we came in.

On a typical Sunday morning at 10:00 you'll find:

  • People who come just as they are, even wearing shorts and flip-flops.
  • Coffee and refreshments available at our complementary cafe.
  • People who actually enjoy meeting other people!
  • A band that doesn't think they are rock stars.
  • A pastor you can meet and get to know after the service.

We'll even save a seat just for you!  Email us, and we'll have someone waiting for you when you get here.  We'll show you around our building, help you get your kids checked into our safe and secure Kid's Ministry where they will have a fun time learning on their level, and even offer to sit with you so you won't be alone during your time with us.

We don't judge, we help people win!

Please join us for an upcoming worship service. There’s a place for you here at The Carpenter's Church.

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